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SinoGerman DeepFast Co., Ltd. (SGDF) is a Chinese and German joint venture. We focus on the Chinese and international markets for positive displacement motors and power sections. Starting from the southwest of China, delivering to local customers for the shale gas and natural gas project of CNPC and Sinopec in Sichuan Basin, SGDF delivers excellent value to our customers with our high-performance drilling motors.

Facts and figures

  • Capacity of 1800 motors per year
  • Over 20 years of international drilling experience
  • International supply chain for key components
  • Production located in Chengdu, China with over 100 employees

Our motto: “We find solutions” – even in extreme situations and challenging conditions

As a small and lean company, SGDF produces customized power sections and drilling motors.

We provide our customers excellent support throughout their entire project.

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The employees at SGDF are from different cultural backgrounds and understand problems from an international perspective.
SGDF is always ready to find the best solutions for all customer.

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